In our experience, many small businesses fail because they lack:

  • professional management
  • adequate accounting
  • accurate and timely reporting of options

In a large business, a chief financial officer manages these functions. But small businesses can't afford CFOs, so it's a role we often fulfill. This frees our clients to do what they do best.


The OGA Way

Team Work In addition to being assigned an OGA partner, each client is assigned a staff accountant. This ensures three things:

  • We will actively provide the information and advice you need. Because we get to know you and your business quite well, we are able to provide you with feedback, including insights and helpful strategies.
  • The information will be timely. You will receive it in time to make decisions.
  • We will be available and responsive whenever you call on us with financial or management questions or needs.

Resources Our staff is our most valuable resource, but we also maintain a state-of-the-art computer system, with which we process financial information and create reports and analysis for our clients. Because our software is extremely flexible, we can custom-design reports to provide exactly the information you need.

We also maintain a complete library of tax laws, precedents and regulations. It's updated weekly, so we're kept current on changes in the tax law. Our library also includes many resources for financial and management decisions.

Integration As a full-service CPA firm, we are able to integrate your financial objectives. We will, for example, try to mesh your tax objectives effectively with your business objectives.

In addition, we work closely with your other advisors, including your attorney, insurance agent, and investment advisor.

This approach has proven effective for all our clients, not just those who are business owners. It allows us to tailor our services to the client, and do the best possible job for each.