Welcome to the Secure Portal for Omlin, Gunning & Associates

The client portal provides a secure and convenient solution for sharing and exchanging electronic documents. Unlike email, documents accessed through the Client Portal are protected by encryption technology so that you will have confidence that your sensitive documents are secure when transferred to and from our firm.


Account Set Up

Omlin, Gunning & Associates will create your ShareFile Portal account for you. Once the account is created, you will receive an email indicating:

“You have been added to the Omlin, Gunning & Associates Share File Portal Account. Please click the link below to activate your account.”

Open this message for a link to activate your new account.

After activating your account, proceed to confirm your personal information and assign a password unique to you. You will then be logged into the account that was created for you.

Logging In to your personal secure portal

You may log in to your portal at any time here: https://ogacpa.sharefile.com. You can also access the portal by going to our website and clicking “client portal” on the top menu bar.

Tip – Add the Sharefile link to your browser bookmarks to find it easier in the future.

Forgot your Password?

Go to the Sharefile login page - https://ogacpa.sharefile.com – and click “forgot password.” The system will ask you for your email address and send you a password reset email. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the reset process.

Uploading Documents to your portal

Once you log in, you will be taken to the Portal Dashboard. Click on “Folders” on the left menu bar and then “Shared Folders.” Click on the folder labeled with your personal or business name.

There are two ways to upload documents.

1) Drag your files right into the web browser, or

2) Click the green circle + icon and choose Upload Files

ShareFile recommends waiting for uploads to finish before navigating away from the folder menu.

No Upload Button?

You can only upload files to folders to which you have Upload Permissions. If you do not see the Create Folder or Create Shared Folder options after clicking the + icon, or do not have the green action button at all, contact our firm to obtain Upload permissions.

Downloading documents from your portal

1. Navigate to the folder in your ShareFile account that contains the file you wish to download.

2. Click the checkbox next to the file(s) you want to download and then click “Download” on the top menu bar

3. You will then be prompted to save the file to your local hard drive on your computer

Why use something like ShareFile? Can’t I just send you my documents via regular email?

You can, but it’s probably not a good idea. Regular, unencrypted email is not a secure way to send us your data. And while the most secure method of sending us your documents is generally in-person delivery, we understand that’s not always convenient for our clients, or even possible. So we provide ShareFile as an easy, next-best alternative for sending documents that is far superior to the security of regular email.

ShareFile is a cloud-based file-sharing service that enables us to send and receive encrypted documents over the Internet using either the SSL or TLS protocols and up to 256-bit AES. You can learn more about ShareFile’s security features through their general security page .