April 17 

Individual Federal Tax Return

If you need more time to file, our firm will file an automatic six month extension for you. You will still need to pay your tax liability on April 17th, but an extension will give you more time to get all the correct information in order to file an accurate return.

Corporate Federal Tax Return

All C-Corporations are required to file by April 17th. This does not apply to Partnerships or S-Corporations.

First Quarter of 2018 1040-ES Payments

For those who make estimated tax payments, April 17th is the due date to make the first quarter's payment.

Trust and Estate Federal Tax Return (Form 1041)

April 30

Payroll - First Quarter of 2018 Form 941

All businesses with payroll are required to file form 941 for the first quarter's payroll. Deposit or pay any outstanding payroll liabilities.

May 15

Exempt Organizations' Federal Tax Return

Most exempt organizations like non-profits are required to file by May 15th. However, if your organization's fiscal year is not the calendar year, the return needs to be filed by the 15th day of the 5th month following the end of the organization's taxable year.


For more information on tax deadlines that apply to you or your business, contact our office.