Business Website Tips

3 business website features you can’t live without

Your website is a great opportunity to bring new customers to your business. It’s also a great way to surprise and delight existing customers, encouraging them to return again and again.

As you’re creating a business website, here are three things to keep in mind — three critical features your business website must have:

  • Clear business information Putting clear information on your website sounds simple, but many businesses take a wrong turn. They get caught up in mission statements, stock imagery and aspirational copy, and they lose track of what their customers actually care about. The truth is even the most beautiful website in the world will not generate return on investment for your business if customers can’t find the information they need. To get started, imagine yourself in your customers’ shoes. What information should they know so they can interact with your business? You’ll probably list things like:
    • Full name of your business
    • What your business does
    • Location and mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Business hours

Make sure your website features these things prominently. You might even want to keep a list and share it with others who are involved in creating your business website. Check the list again before your website launches, just to be safe. If a customer can find important business information easily, you’re doing things right.

  • A call to action Once you get customers to your website, what action do you want them to take? It’s a good idea to have a next step in mind, whether that’s visiting your store, booking a demo or subscribing to your mailing list. Guide customers to take that action with helpful wording and easy-to-find buttons or links.
  • Images of your business Sometimes, business owners hesitate to put real pictures of themselves and their businesses on their websites. But research has shown that real photos often outperform stock photos. That’s likely because customers want to see you and your business before they buy. A study by research-based user experience leader Nielson Norman Group found that participants spent 10 percent more time viewing portrait images of people who actually worked at the business than even reading bios. They ignored stock photos of generic people. Customers are more likely to take the next step and engage when they can see you and your business for themselves.